Country Preferences
  1. All physical and digital Honey Birdette gift cards have a 3-year expiry date form the date of issue.

  2. Gift cards cannot be refunded.

  3. Any outstanding balance on a gift card shall not be refunded or exchanged for cash.

  4. All gift cards are to be treated like cash. The gift card holder is responsible for the use of the gift card.

  5. Gift cards will not be replaced if stolen, lost or damaged.

  6. Gift cards must be presented at the time of redemption.

  7. Both physical and digital gift cards can only be used in the country in which it was purchased.

  8. The price of a gift card can be paid by any of the means of payment accepted at Honey Birdette boutiques or via

  9. Gift cards cannot be purchased with another gift card.

  10. Gift cards can be used as often as the gift card holder would like, until the total amount has been used up.

  11. Where the purchase price is more than the remaining balance on the gift card, the difference may be paid through any other payment option accepted at Honey Birdette boutiques or at

  12. Products purchased with a physical or digital gift card at any Honey Birdette boutique or online store shall be subject to the general purchase terms and conditions (as with any other products purchased in our boutiques).

  13. Where appropriate, refunds for products purchased with a gift card shall be  refunded by reversing the purchase price of the returned items back onto the original gift card. If the original gift card no longer exists upon return of products, the price shall be credited to a new gift card issued by Honey Birdette.

  14. Where a digital gift card is purchased via, Honey Birdette shall not be responsible for the non-receipt or the delay in receiving by its intended recipient on grounds beyond Honey Birdette´s control, including:

  • the deficiencies or the breakdown of telecommunications lines/systems,

  • the inaccuracy of the details of the recipient of the digital gift card provided by the purchaser of the gift card;

  • the fact that the e-mail sent by Honey Birdette is deemed to be spam or unwanted e-mail.

  1. Any physical or digital gift cards obtained through any unlawful means shall be null and void and may not be used to purchase products, nor shall the price be refunded.

  2. By purchasing, using or attempting to use a gift card you are accepting and agreeing to the terms and conditions stated above which have been made available upon purchase of the gift card and which are also available at

  3. Honey Birdette reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions listed at any time.